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Most people who struggle with weight loss are overwhelmed by a plethora

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Prepare yourself for a healthier lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is one brimming with energy, living in a body that you love without constant worry about pains and what tomorrow will bring.

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Health and Nutrition

Water and Weight Loss Have you ever wondered what the correlation is between water and your body weight? How important is drinking of water in your quest to lose weight?

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Tips for weight loss

Starting a diet is easy but staying on one is hard. The worst part of dropping off a weight loss programme is the feeling that you have failed, that you lack commitment and willpower. While it is important to take responsibility

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What's your BMI?

BMI is a useful measure of overweight and obesity. It is calculated from your height and weight. BMI is an estimate of body fat and a good gauge of your risk for diseases that can occur with more body fat.

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Keeping fit without visiting the gym.

Many people think that the only way they can get fit is if they sign up for a gym membership. The logic behind it is simple. They believe that if they spend money on a gym membership, they will be more committed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case....

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