About The Exclusive You

Who are we?

The Exclusive You are Nutrition and lifestyle Improvement (NLI) experts. Our mission is to provide you with the dietary and Nutritional information, support and advice that allows you to make informed decisions about how you eat and to improve your lifestyle.

We don't believe in prohibiting specific food groups, dieting, starvation, unrealistic calorie restriction, meal replacements, miraculous medications or punishing fitness regimes. As you already know that these don't work. We focus on providing the information you need to focus on good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle.

At The Exclusive You, we understand your needs, we know that you want to eat your own food and lose weight. That is why we designed our NLI programme to cater for exactly that. We help you lose weight in a sustainable way using your own diet.

If you are trying to live a healthier and happier life but don't know how or where to start, if you are constantly stressed and tired or fed up with slavishly following a series of weight management programmes where all you lose is money instead of weight, then our Nutrition and Lifestyle Improvement Programme (NLIP) is for you. We work with real people to achieve realistic goals.

We are The Exclusive You because we believe it's all about you.

Funmi Ajayi-Obe
Founder, The Exclusive You

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