Class Program

If you only need to lose a few pounds, perhaps for an important event or you would just like to get an initial bite-sized flavour of what our programme is about, you can try out our 6 weeks crunch programme.

Class session includes:
Sunday evening: 6.00-7.00 pm UK time

  • Initial assessment including dietary recall, review of nutritional intake and weight loss history
  • Foundation setting
  • 30 min consultations offered via skype or phone
  • Weekly support email and reminder
  • Weekly instructional help
  • Weekly checklist/worksheet
  • Weekly weigh-ins and reviews
  • Weekly videos and presentations
  • Online food and exercise diary
  • Food and exercise diary (option for hard copy available on request but please note that you will have to pay for postage)
  • Snack ideas with delicious foods
  • Exclusive You manual and information pack (hard copy available on request with postage cost)
  • Recipe and meal plan
  • Unlimited access to health and nutrition information on the website
  • Team support
  • Exclusive You online community
Schedule a FREE call to discuss your requirements Call us on: 07392761200

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