Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why should I join any of your programmes? We believe that knowledge is power and without a deeper understanding of Nutrition and healthy lifestyle, it will be difficult to lose weight and sustain it. Anyone will lose weight when they do something different like going to the gym every day, restriction calories, consuming bogus supplements or dietary aids. The question however is, can you sustain it? What happens when you stop? What we teach you with our NLIP will sustain you for the rest of your life.
We provide you with credible nutrition and weight management information which will help you achieve your weight loss goals. You don't have to worry about extreme calorie counting or deprive yourself of the food you love or stick to a restricted diet.
Our programme helps you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle by understanding food more holistically, food groups and their nutritional benefits, and the healthy foods that make you feel fuller for longer. Read more here How exactly does your programme work?

  • We educate you about Nutrition and healthy lifestyle Improvement
  • We offer simple exercise advice you can follow without visiting the gym
  • We provide you with worksheets for practical use
  • We show you videos relevant to teachings
  • We send you weekly support emails
  • We encourage you in your struggle
  • We celebrate your success

How do we achieve results?
  • We provide all the dietary and nutritional information you need to make informed decisions about how you eat. We don't believe in dieting, but in helping you to address the root causes of your unhealthy choices.
  • Our programme is not about starving yourself, unrealistic calorie restriction, meal replacements, miraculous medications or punishing fitness regimes. As you already know, these don't work.
  • We believe that there is no bad food, simply poor eating habits. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are important food groups contained in all food and are all required by the body for energy, repair and nutrient absorption. It's all about eating the right amount in the right proportion.
  • We work with medical practitioners, nutritionists and other health professionals who will guide you to achieving your weight loss and lifestyle goals with useful tips and advice. Keep an eye out for their columns and blogs, they make for fascinating reading.

Add how much does the programme cost?
Please note that some of the features on the website will not work if you don't sign up for a programme.

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