One to One Program

This programme is for people who struggle with the self-discipline of going it alone and may need a buddy to help them along the way. Struggling with shyness or lack of self-confidence can be hard for some; having somebody who can provide structure and support and to whom you can turn for help and guide you when the going gets tough, can be invaluable. This can be done via Skype, phone, email or other preferred means of communication. There is usually limited space and a queue for this session and it can only be run when there is available space. Please contact us here to find out about availability. You can also check our current time schedule here.

This session includes:

  • Initial assessment including dietary recall, review of nutritional intake and weight loss history
  • Foundation setting to include identifying/addressing root causes and goal setting
  • 30 min monthly consultations offered in class
  • Weekly Skype or phone call
  • Weekly support email and reminder
  • Weekly instructional help
  • Weekly checklist/worksheet
  • Weekly weigh-ins and reviews
  • Full consultations
  • Weekly videos and presentations
  • Food and exercise diary (online)
  • Food and exercise diary (hard copy on request and postage cost)
  • Access to nutritional information of foods
  • Snack ideas with delicious foods
  • Exclusive You manual and Information pack
  • Recipe and meal plan suggestion
  • Unlimited access to health and nutrition information on the website
  • Team support
  • Exclusive You online community
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