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Our programmes are all designed for your individual difficulty and to provide you with a lasting, sustainable lifestyle. The Exclusive You programmes are designed to help you improve your lifestyle and lose weight as part of the wellbeing process. As you begin to eat correctly and improve your lifestyle, you will find the excess pounds falling off; simultaneously, and as a result, you will begin to notice a marked difference in your energy levels, your approach to life and emotional responses. The programme is not a quick fix, which would have no lasting benefits. The aim is for you to learn, and maintain, new approaches to healthier living and a greater feeling of overall happiness.

By following our full comprehensive programme, a healthier and more contented lifestyle will become second nature as you gradually become used to the changes you make. After a while you will have no need to feel anxiety about managing your diet whether you are at home, work or eating out with friends.

Understandably, you will want to shed fat as quickly as possible, but losing a large amount of weight rapidly is not healthy, and will not lead to long term stability. Remember, you didn’t gain it all in one day.

If you really are committed to losing weight properly without the usual swing back to old habits and giving up, together with improving your life then see The Exclusive You programme as The Last Stop when all else has failed.

It will be worth the time, devotion and determination in order to achieve success at the end. We want your experience with us to develop into a lifetime knowledge for you which you can also pass on to your family and friends. For this reason, we highly recommend the 48 weeks intensive comprehensive programme even if you only have a few pounds to lose or already understand a little about nutrition. We have carefully designed the comprehensive programme to help you address every aspect of your nutrition habits and lifestyle balance.
All programmes are in group format, which may either be online or in a physical class. Or a one to one programme is available if you prefer.

Corporate Plan View
If you want to arrange a corporate programme for your staff, send your details to and we will get in touch to arrange a meeting.
Group Plan View
This is the main programme format for people to join in an online group session. We feel that a lot of people will benefit from group sessions because of the group effect, support and encouragement. Please however note that you can chose not to interact if you don't feel like.
One to One Plan View
If you feel that you prefer one to one because you ether want more than one session a week or because you have specific needs then contact us at

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