The Exclusive You NLI Programme

We are a Nutrition and Lifestyle Improvement (NLIP) specialist.

Most people who struggle with weight loss are overwhelmed by a plethora of conflicting programmes and goals. There's so much dietary advice online that is unscientific, unrealistic and unsustainable. Bogus supplements, dietary aids and extreme calorie counting all promise results in the blink of an eye, whilst failing to address the real issues surrounding weight loss. Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, obesity levels soar: when the foundations are faulty, how can you build a new you?

Are you trying to live a healthier life but don't know how or where to start? Are you constantly stressed and tired? Are you fed up with slavishly following a series of weight management programmes where all you lose is money? Are you depriving yourself of the food you love, or struggling to stick to a restricted diet? Or have you given up on losing weight because no programme seems to be working for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our NLIP is for you. We understand how you feel, and are here to provide the support and practical advice you need to achieve your goals and make that first important step towards your dreams.

We understand that it's not simply the case that most weight management programmes are unrealistic; even the credible plans are often difficult to follow, or don't adequately reflect your lifestyle. They often present information in overly complex formats, or programmes that don't take into account the traditional diet of the many Africans and Caribbean who struggle with weight loss. At NLP we have first-hand experience of traditional African and Caribbean diets, and how they can be tailored for optimum health and nutritional outcomes. We provide detailed, informed advice on how you can achieve this.

The NLIP Programme works from the premise that very restrictive weight loss programmes will generally fail, as they are unsustainable beyond a short period. Our Lifestyle Improvement programme therefore evolves entirely around your lifestyle and your needs. In consultation with us, you decide how to combine your existing diet with a variety of healthy options to enable you to fulfil your weight loss and lifestyle goals

Our programme helps you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle by understanding food more holistically: food groups and their nutritional benefits, and the healthy foods that make you feel fuller for longer. We don't believe in prohibiting specific foodstuffs, but rather in providing you with the nutritional information that enables you to make the right food choices for you. We also offer simple exercise advice you can follow without visiting the gym, and more general lifestyle suggestions. Our focus isn't on dieting, but on providing the information you need to focus on good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle.

We believe that when it comes to being the very best you, the difference between success and failure is sound information and good advice. We are here to offer you both.

Funmi Ajayi-Obe
Founder, TheExclusiveYou

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