Betty's Story

Picture showing before and after of client of our weightloss program

Meet Betty age 49 and mother of 5 children. Her starting weight was 118.8kg and she now weighs 88.5kg (Lost 30.3kg or 66.8pounds)
"Walking and climbing the stairs was a huge problem for me as I was always out of breadth very quickly. This made me want to lose weight. I tried everything possible to lose weight including miracle drinks, medication and fasting but none of them worked for me until I joined The Exclusive You Nutrition and Lifestyle Improvement Programme (NLIP). Within 4 weeks, I started to see drastic changes which encouraged me to keep on going and in 7 months I had lost over 30 kg. The NLI programme is life changing. Prior to starting the programme, I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease but all the symptoms disappeared as I started to lose weight.

People who knew me before I lost weight were amazed at how I achieved the weight loss without even visiting the gym. Many were of the opinion that I used drug or medication as they couldn't believe it was possible to lose that much weight naturally.

Having lost this weight, I feel good and beautiful for myself. My clothes fit well and people admire me. I also enjoy the fact that it is no longer an issue looking for my dress size whenever I go shopping as I could easily find my size. I feel light and no longer breathing heavily when walking or climbing up the stairs. I now have plenty of energy to do things that I couldn't do before. It made me realise that there is nothing impossible to achieve if you put your mind to it. I am so amazed that I still eat all my food and not on any special diet. These days I try to maintain my weight and anytime I slip off I get back on track easily as I know what to do. Many thanks to the Exclusive you for my life changing experience."